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Turn off new line on colon

asked 2020-02-26 12:19:33 -0500

qwerty_w gravatar image

updated 2020-02-26 21:00:41 -0500

Smart editors are nice, but I also like dumb typing (esp. when switching between editors that try to be smart differently). Now, for Wing I dont want it to create a new line when I hit the colon key. I thought I'd turned off anything that could cause it. But it keeps creating new lines. Help!

P.S.: why is there a reCAPTCHA below this if I'm already logged in ????

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answered 2020-02-26 21:05:04 -0500

I think you're looking for the Editor > Auto-Editing > Manage Blocks on Repeated Colon Key Presses preference.

The reCAPTCHA is there because spam bots manage to create accounts and try to post, so we need to approve users the first time they post. That's now done so you probably won't see it again.

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As you can see I'm new here. Looks a bit like StackOverflow. Though the answer is correct, I wonder why the "is correct" check mark was already ticked? Isn't it that just me is supposed to set that (I'd been off for quite some time).

qwerty_w gravatar imageqwerty_w ( 2020-03-09 13:03:50 -0500 )edit

That was me. The vast majority of people never bother with doing that or responding, so I end up doing it as a way to manage what still seems to need attention. Sorry, not sure I meant to do that on this question already; apparently I'm getting a bit too impatient. :-)

Wingware Support gravatar imageWingware Support ( 2020-03-09 14:23:16 -0500 )edit

Ah, thanks. Seems reasonable :-) Another off-topic (or not): I get mail about entries in a thread I never subscribed. But none about this one. Is there a list of my subscriptions anywhere and can I subscribe to my questiosn somewhere? The link in the mail offers just some "general unsubscribe".

qwerty_w gravatar imageqwerty_w ( 2020-03-10 07:23:01 -0500 )edit

Hmm, that's obviously not correct. Is the Follow/Following button in the top right set to Following? We're working with the provider of this service to try to find and fix that problem. Thanks for reporting this!

Wingware Support gravatar imageWingware Support ( 2020-03-10 07:54:44 -0500 )edit

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