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print not giving same results as other IDE's

asked 2020-01-14 08:51:45 -0500

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So I've had wings for a while but I'm just now getting into learning python. I've been going over some simple tutorials on LinkedIn using wings, Visual Studio Code and Pycharm as I'm trying to also see the different features of various IDE's. On about the 3rd tutorial I'm seeing quite a difference between the Wing output debug window vs Visual Code and PyCharm. Here is the simple code:

# Example file for working with functions

# define a basic function
def func1():
    print("I am a function")

# function that takes arguments
def func2(arg1,arg2):
    print(arg1," ",arg2)

# function that returns a value
def cube(x):
    return x*x*x

# function with default value for an argument
def power(num, x=1):
    result = 1
    for i in range(x):
        result = result * num
    return result

#function with variable number of arguments
def multi_add(*args):
    result = 0
    for x in args:
        result = result + x
    return result

#print (func1())
#print (func1)
print (func2(10,20))
print (cube(3))
# print (power(2))
# print (power(2,3))
# print (power(x=3, num=2))
#print (multi_add(4,5,8,9,55,2,98))

Here is the output from Wings: image description

Here is the output from Visual Studio Code: image description

Here is the output from PyCharm: image description

Being a noob to Wings my guess is I've configured something incorrect or I'm doing something wrong but the outputs are quite different. I cannot believe Wings is wrong but I also don't know the error of my ways as my experience with Wings is quite limited. Any help would be appreciated.

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answered 2020-01-14 11:31:49 -0500

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Never mind.... figured it out. Wings was set to use Python 2.7 while Visual Code and PyCharm were using Python 3.8. Changed Wings to use 3.8 and everything is the same!

Figured it had to be my mistake.

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