Application hangs on quitting

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On Mac, if one closes the application by clicking on the close button, the application hangs indefinitely, unless on does so through the Quit WingPro button

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asked 2019-04-09 08:15:49 -0500
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Wingware Support
updated 2020-01-22 19:52:50 -0500
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What version of Wing is this? I'm not seeing it here, but it may depend on what the app is doing at the time. In any case, thanks for reporting this.

Wingware Support's avatar Wingware Support (2019-04-09 08:19:46 -0500) edit

I noticed it on the version 6 and now the version 7: wingpro-

I have had to clear out all I saw here: /Users/chukwudinwachukwu/Library/Application Support/ that belongs to WingPro but it still persists. I thought maybe there's a problem with the installation.

chukwudi.nwachukwu's avatar chukwudi.nwachukwu (2019-04-09 08:32:48 -0500) edit

It's probably a bug triggered by specific sequence of events, not necessarily what's in settings. We'll look into it in more detail. Thanks again for reporting this.

Wingware Support's avatar Wingware Support (2019-04-09 08:43:07 -0500) edit
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