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I wonder if kHostPort should be set as follows instead?

kWingHostPort = 'host.docker.internal:50005'

(The How-To you liked incorrectly omits the ':50005' part)

This name should work with Docker 18.03 and later, at least in the standard Python docker image. RIght now it looks like you have this set to which maybe is not right... it's confusing which IP/name to use in some Docker versions/variants and seeing that it's timing out may mean that it's not the right IP or the connection is not being routed properly.

Also check that Wing is listening for the debug connection by hovering the mouse over the bug icon in the lower left of Wing's Window.

Finally, don't set kLogVeryVerhose because it can produce 100's of MBs of output very quickly, hugely slow things down, and won't help with diagnosing connection problems anyway.

Please let us know if that doesn't help, along with what Docker version you are using and which image, and we can look further into it.