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I've tagged this as a feature request. It would not be hard to write a script that converts to the palette and syntax color files we use, and anyone could do that referencing the examples of the existing themes in resources/palettes and resources/syntax in the Wing installation. The resulting file can be placed into directories named 'palettes' and 'syntax' inside the settings directory listed in Wing's About box and they will appear in Wing's preferences UI after it is restarted.

However, some of the things in the themes from the above website are not things Wing directly supports. Our color model is one where the user can choose some colors but a lot of colors used in the UI are derived from a smaller palette, rather than explicitly setting colors for everything. But glancing through one example it may be that we have enough or only a few things would be needed. If anyone tries to write this conversion script, please let us know what color configuration is missing from Wing and we can try to add those.