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It's Ctrl-( but it looks like some keyboard personalities override that, including the default Wing settings. You could add your own key binding with the User Interface > Keyboard > Custom Key Bindings preference. When doing so, press the key binding you want in the Key field and use the following for the Command:

enclose(start="(", end=")")

Actually, the default for start/end is () so it can just be 'enclose'. This preference overrides any existing bindings for the key combo you select.

All the default enclose bindings are in the keymap.basic file in the Wing installation:

'Ctrl-Parenleft': 'enclose(start="(", end=")")'
'Ctrl-Bracketleft': 'enclose(start="[", end="]")'
'Ctrl-Braceleft': 'enclose(start="{", end="}")'
'Ctrl-Apostrophe': 'enclose(start="\'", end="\'")'
'Ctrl-Quotedbl': "enclose(start='\"', end='\"')"
'Ctrl-Less': 'enclose(start="<", end=">")'

The other keymap.* files there define the key bindings for specific keyboard personalities, according to name and may override these.