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I'm afraid, we are not yet finished. I have (rev 0721a05fd121) installed now and during the django project generation, the following error appears:

Project creation failed with the following errors:

Could not find and settings in the source directory


Running v:\bin\scripting\python\3.9.5\python-3.9.5.amd64\python.exe v:\bin\scripting\python\3.9.5\python-3.9.5.amd64\Scripts\ --version in v:\my\finance\av
v:\bin\scripting\python\3.9.5\python-3.9.5.amd64\Scripts\ RemovedInDjango40Warning: is deprecated in favor of django-admin.
Could not find and settings in the source directory

Django version is 3.9.2, I have no idea what kind of deprecation handling for his next major version it is doing there. No files are created in v:\my\finance\av (the planned pre-existing source directory)


p.s. Wrote this as answer, because the formatting is better.