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The simple way to see printed output from extension scripts in Wing is to look at the Scripts channel of the Messages tool, which is in the Tools menu. Or if it fits what you're doing then you can call CAPIApplication.ShowMessageDialog().

You can also add a tool to Wing with a script, but it's not trivial and not 100% supported by the API so you end up writing code that calls PyQt directly. There's a disabled example in scripts/ in your Wing installation. If you copy that into the scripts directory below your Settings Directory (listed in Wing's About box) and remove or comment out _ignore_scripts = 1 and do Edit > Reload All Scripts you'll have PyLint appear in Wing's Tools menu and that's implemented by scripts/ From there you can edit and save and Wing will auto-reload and recreate any already-displayed panel. You'll want to replace the tool's contents with something that just lists the output and not the tabbed area it contains. There are details on scripting/extending Wing at

Please let me know if this does not help.