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I've just upgraded from Non-Commercial to Commercial. How do I enter the new License Key?

asked 2020-11-03 16:25:48 -0500

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updated 2020-11-03 21:38:46 -0500

The IDE is asking me to contact you for instructions.

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answered 2020-11-04 07:04:49 -0500

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updated 2020-11-04 07:51:19 -0500

More specifically (for the next user who has this question):

  1. In Main Menu, choose "Help" -> "About"
  2. In the resulting "About Wing" box, click the "License" tab.
  3. On the resulting "License" pane, click button "Deactivate License".
  4. In the resulting popup window ("Deactivate License and Quit?"), click button "Deactivate and Quit".
  5. Wait a few seconds for Wing IDE to completely close.
  6. Reopen the Wing IDE. It will pop up a window titled "Wing Pro: No License Found"
  7. In this popup window, select radio button "Activate a purchased license."
  8. From your email, copy the new license key.
  9. In the popup, select (highlight) the entire old license key, and paste the new key over it.
  10. Click button "Continue". Title of popup changes to "Activate License".
  11. Proceed with remaining prompts as you (the user) deems appropriate.
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answered 2020-11-03 21:38:30 -0500

You can deactivate the current license from the License tab of the About box and then restart. Thanks for upgrading! It's much appreciated.

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