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django project debug

asked 2021-09-13 03:16:08 -0500

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updated 2021-09-13 09:11:56 -0500

I created a django project but I need to debug some management commands which are outside of django and thereofre nee to be ran with python3 -m mycmmand. Can I create a launch configuration for this command?

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answered 2021-09-13 09:11:49 -0500

Yes, create a Named Entry Point from the Debug menu and selected the Named Module option.

Alternatively, open the file to run, right click and select Properties, then under Debug/Execute in Environment select the Launch with python -m option. Then debugging that file will launch it as if launched with -m. Using a Named Entry Point probably makes more sense, though, in most cases.

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Asked: 2021-09-13 03:16:08 -0500

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