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Shell: Cannot execute ... needs restart

  1. Sorry ... another beginner question: I have the shell error "cannot execute ... needs restart for Python env." Please help me get the shell functioning in Wing.
  2. Here's my background a) last semester I happily used Py 3.10 and a previous version of Wing. But in preparation for my new semester I upgraded to Py 3.11 and Wing b) unfortunately I now see "cannot execute: waiting for shell to restart [Needs restart for Python env] atop the (non-functioning) Python shell in Wing c) since I thought Wing is looking for Py 3.11, I went inside of Edit -> Configure Python i) I changed the Python Executable from 'use default' to 'command line' and inputted: c:\Users[my user name]\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python311\python.exe ii) and changed the Python Path from 'use default' to 'custom', and included the above path, excepting 'python.exe' iii) I then select 'Apply' and 'OK' ... but the shell still does not restart Please help! Thanks so much D