Cannot run django tests via

I have a problem similar to the description here:

I am running Wing Pro on macOS and Django v2.2.2.

I have created a Django project and can successfully start and debug my Django application from within Wing IDE.

To setup Django testing I have followed instructions in the answer to that question (URL above). Also DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE is set in the Project Environment. I have tried setting that env-var in the Testing environment as well. (Default Test Framework is 'Django Tests', the single file added to via Testing is

When I attempt to run my Django tests I get an exception in indicating 'No module named 'settings'.

argv passed to init_django() is ['/Applications/', '--directory=/Users/m.melo/source/yottaa/yottaa-security-config-service', '-q', 'cfgsvc.manage', '--no-xml', '--runargs="DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=cfgsvc.settings"']

How do I debug/fix this? Thanks.

PS: this is link to already asked question:

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asked 2020-04-08 14:09:13 -0500
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Did you run Project > Extensions > Configure Project for Django for this project or set it up manually?

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