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WingIDE: Python shell will only print one item

asked 2017-06-05 00:53:00 -0600

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updated 2019-03-13 10:15:51 -0600

All of sudden, the Python shell will only print one item. I am trying to use the print method to debug my code, and I have tried simply writing print("A", "B") in a main method and only"A" will be printed whilst it says "Executing command. Please wait for result"

I was able to print multiple items from my code earlier, and now I cannot, for no particular reason as I have not changed any of the WingIDE settings nor have I done anything foolish with my code. I have tried updating to the latest version which did not change anything.

My question is I suppose, is there anything that causes WingIDE to stop printing more than one item? This is so frustrating as it just happened out of nowhere.

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answered 2017-06-05 08:49:00 -0600

My best guess is that print has somehow been replaced with something else (I think only possible in Python 3) or if you're not literally saying "B" but something else then it may be running off int __repr__ or __str__ methods that fail to exit.  It could also be something going wrong with our I/O processing code, but I can't really see how it would do what you describe.  Does restarting the Python Shell from its Options menu clear it so it works right if you type print("A", "B") first thing after restarting it?  If not, check whether you have PYTHONSTART defined in the environment, which could be altering something.  If reproducible please let us know version of Wing, dist and version of Python, and OS version.

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Asked: 2017-06-05 00:53:00 -0600

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