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Wing version 7.2 unable to load executable Python with activated env

I'm trying to load executable python with a django virtual env. I'd used what I usually do to load my virtual env as indicated monvenv/bin/activate and I get the following message what am I doing wrong. Thank you for your help RUNNING IN INTERP: CMD=u'monvenv/bin/activate'; ARGS=[u'monvenv/bin/activate', u'/home/christian/.wingpro7/updates/', "import sys, os, keyword; sys.stdout.write('VERSION=%d.%d.%d\n' % ((sys.hexversion & (0xff << 24)) >> 24, (sys.hexversion & 0x00ff0000) >> 16, (sys.hexversion & 0x0000ff00) >> 8)); sys.stdout.write('PYTHONPATH=' + os.pathsep.join(sys.path) + '\n'); sys.stdout.write('EXECUTABLE=' + sys.executable + '\n'); sys.stdout.write('PREFIX=' + sys.prefix + '\n'); sys.stdout.write('BASEPREFIX=' + getattr(sys, 'base_prefix', 'None') + '\n'); sys.stdout.write('KEYWORDS=' + ' '.join(keyword.kwlist) + '\n'); sys.stdout.write('BUILTINS=' + ' '.join(dir(__builtins__)) + '\n'); sys.stdout.write('END OF OUTPUT FOR WING INSPECTION' + '\n')"]

Could not exec: monvenv/bin/activate; Error:

exec failed: u'monvenv/bin/activate'

WARNING: Failed to execute Python: u'monvenv/bin/activate'

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asked 2020-05-19 11:59:27 -0500
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Wingware Support
updated 2020-05-20 07:22:50 -0500
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Does it work if you specify the full path to the .../monvenv/bin/activate file?

Wingware Support's avatar Wingware Support (2020-05-20 09:21:17 -0500) edit

It doesn't work either with the full path.

skirando's avatar skirando (2020-05-20 15:23:27 -0500) edit

Could you submit a bug report from Wing's Help menu and include the log?

Wingware Support's avatar Wingware Support (2020-05-20 15:26:49 -0500) edit
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For the record, this appears to have been a combination of not using the full path to the activate file for the Activated Env value for Python Executable, and a missing required argument on the command line of the debug process (that part of the problem was specific to the code being debugged).

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Wingware Support
answered 2020-05-22 10:37:29 -0500
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