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testing menu item "run tests in current file" is not available

asked 2020-11-12 08:22:09 -0600

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updated 2020-11-12 08:50:45 -0600

The problem is in the title my current file is a test file yet the run tests in current file menu item is not available thanks for your help

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answered 2020-11-12 08:50:34 -0600

This may be caused by not first showing the Testing tool from the Tools menu and possibly also if the file is not listed in the Testing tool.

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OK thanks I just needed to add the current file into the testing tool window. That leads anotehr question . In the testing tool there is "filter" zone. What is this zone used for? thanks for your help

piscvau's avatar piscvau  ( 2020-11-12 09:13:29 -0600 )edit

You can type a fragment there to filter what test files are visible in the Testing tool. The fragment matches the filenames so typing 'edit' would show any file with 'edit' in its name.

Wingware Support's avatar Wingware Support  ( 2020-11-12 09:23:44 -0600 )edit

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