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Remote Agent Install Fail - linux-arm32 Missing ?


I have just downloaded and installed Wing - wingpro-

SSH with Putty is also installed and works without a password

The Wing install went without problems, however when trying to setup a new project for Rasyberry Pi, it fails to install the Remote Agent. Reviewing the ide.log file shows teh install fails at Value = "[Error 3] The system cannot find the path specified: u'C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Wing Pro 7.2/bin\\dbg\\src\\debug\\tserver\\__os__\\linux-arm32\\.'"

Checking my system shows the linux-arm32 is actually missing - Only linux_x32, linux-x64,osx and win32 exist

Where can i download the missing directory ?, or maybe a previous version of Wing which contains this directory

Thank you

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asked 2020-12-28 06:18:27 -0600
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Wingware Support
updated 2022-05-05 09:39:10 -0600
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Yes, it appears something is wrong with the Windows version of Wing 7.2.7 and it omits some directories needed for arm32 Linux remote dev. They are included in the following download:

If you obtain that, unpacked it, and drop the directories from there into your Wing installation (as Administrator) to work around this. The missing dirs seem to be:

bin\dbg\src\debug\tserver__os__\linux-arm32 bin\dbg\src\wingbase__os__\linux-arm32

The partial paths are the same in both the downloaded/unpackaged debugger package and the Wing installation.

Please let us know if that does not solve it. We'll also try to put out an update soon that restores the missing arm32 Linux directories.

Thanks for reporting this problem!

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Wingware Support
answered 2020-12-28 15:56:58 -0600, updated 2020-12-28 16:47:36 -0600
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Tried you you suggestion, and this also fails...checking the log now shows a different path ??

Value = "[Error 3] The system cannot find the path specified: u'C:\Program Files (x86)\Wing Pro 7.2/bin\dbg\src\wingbase\__os__\linux-arm32\.'"

ie WINGBASE instead of DEBUG ?

Thank you

stephenl's avatar stephenl (2020-12-28 16:26:34 -0600) edit

Sorry, yes, you would also need to copy linux-arm32 from bin\dbg\src\wingbase__os__ to the same directory in your Wing install, in the same way. I think those are the only two. I've edited the answer to include this one and checked that those two are indeed the only arm32 specific dirs that are needed.

Wingware Support's avatar Wingware Support (2020-12-28 16:35:14 -0600) edit


Install went OK, however im now seeing the following errors in the Wing IDE

Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/pi/.wingpro7/remote-", line 342, in <module> File "/home/pi/.wingpro7/remote-", line 232, in _FindTracer File "/home/pi/.wingpro7/remote-", line 301, in _LoadModule ImportError: Failed to find spec for tdbgtracer37

During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:

Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/pi/.wingpro7/remote-", line 140, in <module> from debug.tserver import startdebug File "/home/pi/.wingpro7/remote-", line 341, in load_module mod = self._LoadWingCode(full_name, full_path, is_pkg) File "/home/pi/.wingpro7/remote- ... (more)

stephenl's avatar stephenl (2020-12-28 22:39:42 -0600) edit

PS - Ive also tried installing the previous version - wingpro- - and this works fine, so i assume my install method is fine, and the problem is within

stephenl's avatar stephenl (2020-12-28 22:41:41 -0600) edit

Does "/home/pi/.wingpro7/remote- exist on the Raspberry pi? It may be that the install didn't work right if ~/.wingpro7/remote- was already there from an earlier failed attempt; it so removing it and reinstalling may solve it. Probably the best option is to just use 7.2.6 for now from and we'll try to get this fixed soon (but the holiday will delay it). I did check and 7.2.6 does include the linux-arm32 support as it should. Sorry about this!

Wingware Support's avatar Wingware Support (2020-12-29 10:33:32 -0600) edit
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