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How do I add a newer license to an existing executable?

asked 2021-06-03 08:44:51 -0500

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updated 2021-06-03 09:44:02 -0500

I have a Wing Pro on a machine that I previously bought as full use commercial. More recently I bought a non commercial license. I don't see a way to apply the license to the software already installed. But after I downloaded the latest downloadable version, it didn't give me a chance to enter a license. It installed with the license of the existing Wing Pro.

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answered 2021-06-03 11:06:21 -0500

The existing license may be deactivated via the License page in the Help > About dialog. The deactivate license button is at the bottom of the page. After you deactivate the license, Wing will ask for a new license.

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Asked: 2021-06-03 08:44:51 -0500

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