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Type of variable in f-string is not detected


I've just found that in current version of Wing IDE, regardless of edition, type of variable put inside f-string in curly braces is not detected, but takes whole string as one in Source Assistant.

Having it properly detected would be highly appreciated :)

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asked 2022-05-08 04:35:09 -0600, updated 2022-05-08 04:35:41 -0600
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We'll change the Source Assistant so it displays info about the variable in curly braces in a future release.

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Wingware Support
answered 2022-05-09 17:23:18 -0600
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Future major (9.x) or in 8.x? :)

KhazAkar's avatar KhazAkar (2022-05-09 23:16:56 -0600) edit

Probably in 8.x, but it depends when this bug is fixed

Wingware Support's avatar Wingware Support (2022-05-10 10:44:46 -0600) edit

Thanks a lot. :)

KhazAkar's avatar KhazAkar (2022-05-10 10:49:43 -0600) edit

There are several fixes for f-strings going into 8.3.2+, when that is released (in a week or two, probably).

Wingware Support's avatar Wingware Support (2022-06-08 09:45:49 -0600) edit
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