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How to automatically clear OS Commands console?

Running Wing on MacBook Pro silicon. I run a project using Debug-->Execute This File (which, BTW, is MUCH faster for me than running debugger). In any event, the output of print statements appears in the "OS Commands" console (Why?). Is it possible to clear this console automatically at the start of a run? Currently it must be cleared "manually".

asked 2023-06-28 06:02:21 -0500
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There's an Auto-clear Consoles option in the OS Command tool's Options menu that I think does what you are looking for.

You may also want to try Wing 9, which considerably speeds up the debugger in some scenarios, depending on the Python version you are using.

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Wingware Support
answered 2023-06-28 07:31:35 -0500
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Yes I should have seen that. My bad. Thanks.

I think the speed problem may have to do with the way I'm using Tkinter - not for GUI widgets but for LOTS of drawing on a Canvas. Very big display list. But I will try the new version when I find out if my license covers it..

steveb's avatar steveb (2023-06-28 07:46:46 -0500) edit

Different code does bring out debug overhead differently, because it's relative to number of byte codes executed. So code that does something like loop character by character over a large string is much slower in the debugger than code that uses a library to implement whatever operation is needed. Most Python code does the vast majority of its work in C code with relatively few Python byte codes run, but of course it's not always the case.

The problem probably is not specific to Tkinter. We see this mostly with some database libraries which process large data sets using nested Python loops. One idea is to run the code in a profile to see where it's spending time. While it may no longer be a problem in Wing 9, code like that does have the potential of being slow enough also outside the debugger when run with a larger data ... (more)

Wingware Support's avatar Wingware Support (2023-06-28 07:57:32 -0500) edit

I'm going to wing9 now. I will try profiling. I probably will need it in implementing blending modes with my (difficult) color model.

Thank you for your comments. Greatly appreciated.

steveb's avatar steveb (2023-06-28 13:02:52 -0500) edit
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