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Accept EULA on behalf of users

We have installed Wing 101 on some systems for students where they do not have persistent user profiles, and they must accept the EULA each time they log in.

Is it possible to accept the EULA automatically on their behalf, such as during installation or using a command line parameter?


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asked 2024-02-18 15:44:36 -0500
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The code that checks to see if it's been accepted is looking in the user's settings directory (typically c:\Users\${username}\AppData\Roaming\Wing Pro 10 on Windows and ~/.wingpro10 on macOS and Linux). You could grab a copy of the accepted_eula_* file from there and have a script drop it into place when they log in. However, Wing hashes both the full path of that file and the contents of the EULA and shows the EULA again if either don't match. So probably the only real way to solve this would be to have each user accept the EULA once and have a script that copies their accepted_eula_* out to somewhere that doesn't go away during logout and another script that copies their copy of this file back in when they log in.

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Wingware Support
answered 2024-02-19 08:52:01 -0500
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