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Auto-complete quit working, odd behavior

Long time Wing user: I use it in multiple different applications. In this case, I'm using it for Unreal Editor. Unreal auto-generates an auto-completion file, '', that's been working fine for years now. "just recently", Wing stopped 'auto-completing' unreal: And here's what's weird: If I open that module in Wing, it's empty, and Wing immediately flags it as edited. But not only 'empty': There's not even a 'line to edit' : The editing panel itself is void of any input.

If I open it in other editors, it opens fine.

If I save it from wing, it saves empty.

It is a 38 meg module, but is lower than the 100mb max limit.

I've done no updates to wing / no configuration changes since this new behavior has been occurring.
I've made new temp Projects and opened it, but same behavior.

Thoughts on how to address?

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asked 2024-04-17 12:30:10 -0500
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Wingware Support
updated 2024-05-24 07:22:17 -0500
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Could you send us the file at ? It probably compressed well (most code does). Could you also submit a bug report from Wing's Help menu and include the log?

Wingware Support's avatar Wingware Support (2024-04-18 04:26:52 -0500) edit

Will be happy too. And, "I swear" : This has been 'broken' for a week or so know. I kid you not, a day later after logging above, it's "working as expected again" . I feel like you need to threaten the software sometimes to get it working.

: I take it back: If I 'go to definition' and Wing auto-opens it, it shows up ok. But if I double-click open it, it exposes the previous weird behavior.

That said, I realized it's it's still not working "as expected".

I'll put this in the email I send you but, here's an example of a class in there:

class TextureGroup(EnumBase):

    TEXTUREGROUP_WORLD: TextureGroup #: 0

But when I type it / look for auto-completion, all I'm getting is the inherited superclass EnumBase methods/attrs, none of those TEXTUREGROUP_* attrs.

AK_Eric's avatar AK_Eric (2024-04-18 10:29:23 -0500) edit
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For the record: This was with Wing 7 and (we think) fixed in later versions (current as of now is Wing 10).

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Wingware Support
answered 2024-05-24 07:21:50 -0500
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