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Azure functions

asked 2020-07-15 16:48:47 -0600

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updated 2020-07-16 09:45:52 -0600

Has anyone used Wingware to develop Microsoft Azure functions implemented in Python?

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answered 2020-07-16 09:45:22 -0600

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We haven't tried this here but from looking at I think it should be possible to debug locally run Azure functions by adding 'import wingdbstub' to the as described in -- this allows you to initiate debug from outside of Wing, so is can be started when you do 'func start' and you could reach breakpoints and exceptions when you invoke the function from the browser.

It's possible you'll need to disable automatically handling exceptions in some way, so they appear in Wing and not Azure's built-in support for catching exceptions (which I'm assuming exists).

Also, it may be possible to see what 'func start' does internally and set up an entry point to just launch the code directly from the IDE.

Please don't hesitate to email or post here if you try to set this up and have questions. We're happy to help.

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