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cannot start remote debug

asked 2022-04-01 08:49:01 -0600

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Hello I cannot start remote debug. My ssh connection is OK and I can access to python within the virtual environment. see first imageimage description yet when I configuration of the remote host in wing does not go through; see hereimage description What am Idoing wrong Odile

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Could you please email the whole content from the Remote Agent Failed to Start dialog to The bottom part that's not visible in your screenshot should show us the details of the failure. Or you can submit a bug report from Wing's Help menu and include the error log, which also contains that output. That should be done right after replicating the bug so that the relevant output is not truncated from the log. You may also want to try Wing 8.3, which makes configuration of remote development easier and contains a lot of bug fixes for remote development.

Wingware Support's avatar Wingware Support  ( 2022-04-01 09:44:55 -0600 )edit

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answered 2022-04-01 15:38:03 -0600

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Thanks a lot. The new version solved the problem.

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Asked: 2022-04-01 08:49:01 -0600

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