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${} in Launch Configurations

In Wing 7x I used this pattern often ${DCCSI_PY_IDE} to define interpreters for launch configurations.

In Wing 7, I used this as my project properties interpreter: ${DCCSI_PY_IDE} Then I would set up other python.exe as additional launch configurations:

  • ...

That allowed me to switch interpreters on the fly, and validate code on different python interpreters of my DCC tools.

This broke in Wing 8 as far as I can tell, I can use this is as the slug for me project properties, and it will work as the primary interpreter: ${DCCSI_PY_IDE} But if I then use the same slug as a shared launch configuration, that configuration willl not be able to start the interpreter.

I even tried the following ... I set up a shared launch configuration, using env hooks, like: ${MAYA_BIN_PATH}\mayapy.exe ^ that does not work in Wing 8 I have verified that the envar is set, I can retrieve it from the console.

  • import os
  • print(os.getenv('MAYA_BIN_PATH'))
  • C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2022\bin

I do not have enough points to upload an image.

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asked 2022-08-01 16:29:47 -0500
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Wingware Support
updated 2022-08-02 08:33:55 -0500
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I've replicated this bug in Wing 8 and we'll try to fix this soon with an update. Thanks very much for reporting this problem!

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Wingware Support
answered 2022-08-02 08:34:30 -0500
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There's a fix going into Wing although I'm not sure of the exact date for that yet. Thanks again for reporting this!

Wingware Support's avatar Wingware Support (2022-08-02 10:44:10 -0500) edit

NP! I just grabbed the latest update, and it looks like this is working now. Thanks for the quick fix!

HogJonny-AMZN's avatar HogJonny-AMZN (2022-08-03 08:32:41 -0500) edit
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