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launch Configuration - don't understand how to use properly

Hi I am trying to setup two Wing Python commands in my project. One starts the project using the production database, and the other uses a test database.

I have one project. I have created two Launch Configurations. Each has its own Environment value; ie.

  • one has --yaml_override='xxx' ... where xxx is the config file for production
  • the other is --yaml_override='yyy' ... where yyy is the config file for testing

I thought that I would then be able to create two OS commands, both pointing the same top level python module

  • one use using the production Launch Configuration
  • and the other using using the test one

My problem is that:

  • I setup the production command, and connect it to the production Launch configuration
  • And then I create the test command, and connect it to test Launch configuration
  • ==problem==> this also changes the production command to the test Launch configuration

ie. it seems as if the selection of the Launch configuration is global for the project

I don't understand how this was designed to be used. Can you help please?

Links to images:

the red boxes on the last two images show the setting that appears to be global to the project ... or something ... ?

updated 2022-09-26 08:26:31 -0500
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You're setting the launch configuration in the File Properties, and there is only one set of file properties per file. To run the same file with different configurations, create named entry points instead. These pair a selected file with a selected launch configuration. This can either be done from the OS Commands tool by selected Named Entry Point type of command or from the Named Entry Points dialog accessed from the Debug menu. A named entry point can be either executed (via OS Commands) or debugged (from the Debug menu).

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Wingware Support
answered 2022-09-26 08:33:51 -0500
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Thanks. I see it now.

BarryM's avatar BarryM (2022-09-26 09:10:08 -0500) edit
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