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Issues with pyenv virtual environment and CPU usage

Two Issues:

1) Looking for a quick hack to make this message go away when I start up Wing on Windows 10.

General: Cannot find Python

A supported version of Python could not be found. If you have a recent Python,
be sure you also have a recent version of Wing. If you do not have Python on
your system, you will need to install it before most of Wing's features will 
function properly. If Python is already installed, use Project Properties in 
the Project menu to select the Python Executable to use.

My python installs

PS C:\python\Snippets> pyenv versions
* 3.11.7 (set by C:\Python\.pyenv\pyenv-win\version)

Relevant env entries


There are no python executables on the path due to using pyenv

2) While getting that message above and until I open a project Windows Defender aka Antimalware Service Executable aka MsMpEng.exe starts consuming 66% of CPU. Thats not good.

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asked 2024-03-07 14:08:37 -0500
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Wingware Support
updated 2024-03-19 08:50:57 -0500
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1 Answer


If you set the Python Executable in Project Properties to the python.exe you want to use then Wing should also remember that one and use it as the default for other projects. Please let me know if that doesn't work as a work-around.

Hopefully that will also address (2) but it would be useful if you can first replicate that status and while it's doing that send us a bug report from the Help menu with the error log included. I suspect Wing is spawning lots of Python processes and the AV is getting bogged down scanning those, but I'm not sure.

I'm not sure why we're not finding the pyenv-provided Pythons and will look into it. Thanks for reporting this problem!

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Wingware Support
answered 2024-03-08 10:45:24 -0500
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A possible cause of this was fixed in update

Wingware Support's avatar Wingware Support (2024-03-19 08:51:31 -0500) edit
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