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How to I fix WingIDE Pro not recognizing locally installed packages?

Hi. I run WingIDE Pro in Linux and also in Windows. The environments are configured similarly, both to help me edit the same code base. In both cases, I have set up remote debugging using to enable debugging of code that I'm serving locally. It's working splendidly in on both operating systems. My Python environment is a pyenv environment.

The issue I am facing is that the WingIDE editor in my Linux dev machine is not recognizing packages that I've installed locally via PIP from my local code base. The code in these packages runs fine via the Wing debugger, but the editor itself for some reason does not recognize the packages. It underlines them, and a mouse-over reveals context "X: Import not found: my_package". Also, I can not Ctrl-Click to open up the packages that the WingIDE editor does not recognize.

In spite of the "Import not found" warnings, the code runs fine when I run it in debug mode, including the portions that make use of the imported packages that the WingIDE editor does not recognize. The packages are in fact installed and working in my environment.

The offending packages are packages that are within my code base, and installed via pip install -e .. Also the wingdbstub.pywing debug helper file also gets the same treatment from the WingIDE editor. The editor underlines it with an "Import not found" warning, but it in fact runs just fine.

I think I have mis-configured my WingIDE project, but I am not having any luck spotting what I've done wrong. The WingIDE editor in my other (Windows) environment is working just fine. It is configured very similarly, and operating on the same underlying code base.

Any helpful hints are appreciated :)


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asked 2024-03-14 07:15:49 -0500
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Does this problem persist if you restart Wing? I think it can sometimes fail to rescan for newly installed packages, something we will try to fix.

If that doesn't help, it may be due to directories being added to the sys.path (or PYTHONPATH) at runtime and Wing not knowing about that. If so, you can add the directories where the modules and packages are located to Python Path in Wing's Project Properties and that should fix it.

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Wingware Support
answered 2024-03-14 12:08:52 -0500
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Updating my Python Path in Wing's Project Properties fixed it. Thank you!

rea725's avatar rea725 (2024-03-18 10:40:18 -0500) edit
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