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Directory on Raspberry Pi not taken into account


Using Wing

I'm having issues getting the content of a directory into the Project view. I read this thread, but mine has nothing to do with hidden files and/or directories.

When I right-click in the Projects area and select Add Directory, I browse to an existing directory on my RPi. However, when coming back tot he Add Directory dialog window, the directory of interest is never added. I'm not having enough points apparently to add an image to this thread (why is this a restriction anyway????), so I cannot show the issue.

Other directories, which are existing next to the one that doesn't want to show up, show up without issues...

What's the criteria to add (sub)directories?

Note: when I copy the content of the directory that doesn't want to show up in the Projects view into a directory that wants to show up in the Projects view, I can see all my files. when comparing the settings of those two directories (permissions etc) on the RPi, all is exactly the same...

I'm puzzled...

Best, --Geert

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asked 2021-02-28 04:40:37 -0600
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If you are selecting the base directory on the remote host then the entry area in the Add Directory dialog may be blank, but continuing with the add operation should add it to your project. This is confusing and probably should be changed to show the whole URL and not relative path, which is what it's doing now.

If that's not what you meant or doesn't help please let me know.

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Wingware Support
answered 2021-02-28 21:48:56 -0600
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Sorry for the (very) late reply. In the meantime I've added more projects on the remote host and indeed, the add operation works the way you indicated.

Not really intuitive indeed. If that could be improved, that would be nice.

In the meanwhile I'm using version (and tempting to upgrade to



GeertVcm's avatar GeertVcm (2021-04-16 04:17:07 -0600) edit
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