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How does one setup docker with WingIDE

asked 2019-04-05 12:02:11 -0600

chukwudi.nwachukwu gravatar image

updated 2019-04-13 07:37:34 -0600

I have Python running in remote, so to speak, but through docker. How do I access it and use it in WingIDE?

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answered 2019-04-05 13:36:07 -0600

If you can ssh into the docker instance then you can use Wing Pro's remote development support described at

If not, then it's harder. If files are shared with the local host you can open and edit them from there and would be able to set up debugging as well using the manual method described at to get the debug connection set up and to describe how the files are found in docker vs. on the local host.

We're hoping to add support for Docker soon. Right now we only have container-specific support for Vagrant: and Windows Subsystem for Linux:

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answered 2020-01-07 07:53:38 -0600

chukwudi.nwachukwu gravatar image

I have followed the steps outlined here to the best of my ability and I even encountered an issue with docker, as shown in this image docker but then, I sorted that out by following the instructions shown in the image.

Also worthy of note is the fact that I activated the debugger as shown debugger

Within the Debugger option, I also added my PC ip, as shown in this image PC ip.

But then, I am unable to set the breakpoint. I have clicked to not avail. If I am missing something, I would like for someone to show me what it is.

However, one thing I would like for the admin to do is to have someone always do short videos to show how these things work. While the documentation is great, it is so different when one tries to do as stated, at times. But if there are videos that one can watch and follow through then that would be fine.

If such exists and I have missed it, please point me to it. I need to sort this docker issue to move ahead with my job.

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Are you saying you cannot set the breakpoint or it won't stop on it? If the latter, setting kLogFile in and emailing the output to may help.

Wingware Support gravatar imageWingware Support ( 2020-01-07 11:12:02 -0600 )edit

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